The Ledbury – Album Inside

Absolutely wonderful experience. The service and the way the courses advance from one into another are really what strikes you as impeccable as the menu develops. The food was stellar, right from the beginning canape all the way to the dessert. The jowl of

Burton’s maple syrup-braised bacon at The Publican Chicago, IL

[This source]( says: > Both bacon and pork belly begin as a cut from the fatty underbelly of the pig. The curing process is what transforms pork belly into bacon, the smoky, salty breakfast classic we all grew up on. Pork belly, unlike those

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Crescent Roll Ring

It depends to some degree on how much of the filling is covered by the dough. My mom makes this, but uses more dough so more of the innards are covered. In that case the insides don’t get too much more done. The first

Sydney Fish Markets

No, casual bar/waiter work is actually decently paid, and even better when you include tips (bigger bars could get an extra 10% and 30% on a busy night). The way most bars and restaurants operate is everyone is on a casual rate as opposed

Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki during Hatsumōde in Tokyo (Nagaimo yam batter pancake with egg and cabbage fried into it, topped with bonito flakes, pickled radishes, chopped green onions, pork strips, cheese, japanese mayo, okonomiyaki sauce and a fried egg sunny side up)

W-what? Don’t get me wrong american pancakes and these are both thick but thats where the similarities end… These beautiful things taste like cabbage, egg, mayo,green onion, fish/pork(depending on your filing and whether you do flakes on top) They’re far more peculiar flavor combo

Giant Cookie in Cast Iron

It’s a baking technique, and I find it works better by adding the ingredients in that order. Combining the sugar, egg, and/or butter is called “creaming” them together, which is why the sugar is with the wet ingredients. From there, the wet ingredients are

Brie baked in phyllo, with red pepper jelly.

It was so easy to make! I had no idea. Use any basic berry jam recipe, there is even one that comes with the pectin you will need to make it. I used frozen fruit; just blackberries, blue berries, strawberries and raspberries, and thawed

Pork Taco’s, from a market in Mexico City.

Again, not completely sure as to what kind of cheese it is, but it would more than likely be [queso oaxaca or quesillo]( I lived in the US for some time, you should be able to find it fairlr easily in some mexican market

Cotton Candy Ice-Cream

I grew up with ice cream like this back home in Borneo and one of the biggest brands/flavors there was were these bad boys: [Paddle Pops] ( The nostalgia hunger feels! *Edit fer gramerz.

Bun Bo Hue in Hue, Vietnam

I used to work with a Vietnamese kid. He would always bring in home made dishes. He knew I was a fan of Pho. He said you have to try this soup. It’s so much better. He brought me a huge bowl of Bun

Maple Bacon Chicken and Waffle Wings

Maybe they’re bigger than they look. :\ But they look like half a breaded tenderloin ( which would be around 45 calories, and a quarter of a waffle ( which would be 86 calories, for a grand total of 131 calories per waffle? Add

Toasted marshmallow chocolate mousse

1. Make some [chocolate mousse](…0…1ac.1.62.img..12.11.1330.UuzlNNA7G8k) 2. Buy a jar of marshmallow creme, a cheap pastry bag and a propane torch. 3. After the mousse has chilled, scoop some out on a plate. Use a butter knife to form it into a tall hill. 4.