Lobster Rolls From The Lobsta Guy Food Truck.

Food trucks have been around in the US for a while. Like most good food, they started off as a working-class thing, “gut trucks” taking cheap food out to job sites. Eventually people started noticing some of these trucks actually served pretty good food,

Creme Brulee Topped Brownies

Reading the article before the recipe: *words words words words* **Holy Mother of God, that looks delicious** *words words, words word words words words.* **My eyes are having orgasms for how delicous that looks** *words words words sword words words words words.*

Ribs, fries, garlic cheese bread and coleslaw

I work for a food purveyor, so I may be a bit biased, but… The quality of frozen french fries has improved *drastically* over the last few years. A restaurant putting out fries of consistent quality from whole potatoes is a huge challenge for

Holiday break steak

I was formerly a chef. There’s a lot of stuff we do that’s flat out wrong and based more on habit than science. It’s important to think critically about your process and continuously evolve. The water content of meat is only one factor in

Sriracha Honey Garlic Glazed Chicken Wings

I usually have a bottle of the Huy Fong on hand because that’s what most recipes call for, but Sriraja Panich (tall glass bottle, yellow label, white lid) is the the “classic.” It has a lot less garlic and more sugar. There are a

Homemade buttermilk pancake mountain

I thought the pancake mountain was on a table and the syrup had spilled over onto the table. But I see now that it is on a big plate. What are those round glass things in the background that look like giant onions or

BurgerFi B.A.D

well, the one pictured looks like it has no beef patty, just the stuff mentioned in the title. but to answer your question, a burger with a fried egg on top is beyond delicious, imo. it basically adds another layer of flavor, and the

Belgian Waffles from Ghent

Wish I could remember exactly where this is but when I was in Ghent a month ago there was this really great waffle stand just across the river Leie from Ghent’s castle. The chef wears a red chef’s hat and it was a really

Delicious Louisiana shrimp po-boy.

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39 mega pixel photo of a burger

Just a Burger? Just a burger. Robin, it’s so much more than “just a burger.” I mean…that first bite—oh, what heaven that first bite is. The bun, like a sesame freckled breast of an angel, resting gently on the ketchup and mustard below, flavors

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Nachos. Does it get more perfect for football season than shredded buffalo chicken, ranch queso, blue cheese crumbles, pickled jalapenos, and chopped green onion on crunchy tortilla chips?

Hey guys, it took *unnecessarily long* to get my brain to work this morning, so thank you so much for being patient while waiting for the recipe, as always. Here is the recipe, from http://hostthetoast.com/loaded-buffalo-chicken-nachos/. **INGREDIENTS** ½ bag tortilla chips *For the buffalo chicken:*

Filet mignon, medium rare

While what you say may be true, I think it’s absurd to credit the development of language and human intelligence to animal fat. Animal fat may provide a lot of energy, but it did take more energy, effort and time to acquire before we

Cream Cheese Filled Snickerdoodles

That’s basically it but my wife made some additions to the cream cheese: * cream cheese, room temp * beat in 1/4cup sugar * 1-2 tbs vanilla * 1/4 tsp cinnamon * then let bowl sit in fridge for 30 mins to harden back

Vegemite Jar Cake

First of all, I PROMISE there isn’t actually any Vegemite in the cake. I’m Canadian so I don’t have a taste for it, but I was making this cake for my Aussie friend’s Birthday. It’s layers of 6 chocolate cake with a 7th to
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