Top 1000 Dessert Pictures

As a college student with limited cooking experience, I’d say these Chocolate Cheesecake “Muffins” topped with whip cream, homemade strawberry sauce, and fresh raspberries turned out pretty well!

I refuse to become one of those students who only subsist on top ramen, so yeah, learning to cook it is. [Here](http:[email protected]/sets/72157634301812657/) are a few more things my roommate and I have made together over the past couple of months. Hopefully they’re as inspirational

Butterfinger Cookie Sandwiches

Ah so sorry! I had linked it in the Imgur photo but sometimes people can’t see it for some reason. Here:

Cookies and Cream Cookies

Those are my kind of cookies: they exist, don’t they? 😛 I’ll eat any cookie and gladly accept it for what it is. I was just reminded of that picture of several cookies which had been baked with different changes to the recipe, that’s

Chocolate Mousse Cake from The Georgia Diner

I’m almost positive that The Georgia Diner gets their desserts from Alpine Bakery in Alpharetta, that definitely looks like Alpine’s chocolate mousse cake. Yes, I recognize it from the picture, I’m a frequent consumer of that delicious cake.

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Actually that depends from where you are. In the UK and Austrailia cornflour is the same as what we call cornstarch in the US, but here we have an entirely different product called cornflour. Here Corn flour is just very finely ground corn meal,

Freshly blended buttercream

Not OP, but buttercream is a type of frosting. There’s a couple different styles, but this looks like American buttercream, which is usually just softened butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and a small amount of milk or heavy cream, creamed together in a mixing

Dobos Torte

Man I want to try one of these. I just looked it up on the [interwebs]( and it sounds delicious.