Top 1000 Food Pictures

Fried Spinach Dip Bites

DAMNIT MORGAN WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. I can tell a post is yours by the name alone, before I even look at the picture. And then I look at the picture and I want it, but I am too drunk to

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot

Does anyone have a recipe for this? I know how to make the chocolate chip cookies, but shaping them into shot glasses might be a bit tougher. I imagine he uses a mold to get it into the right shape and then coats the

Swedish Meatballs

In 11th grade I told this girl that kottbullar was another word for Swedish meatballs and she thought it sounded like a dog’s name so she drew a picture of a dog. Edit: Delivery.

Rose apple tart

You want to tightly coil the insides of the roses then wrap one or two more apples around that. Then put that on the dough (you will probably have to hold it in place) then start layering the apples around them, putting each new

Banh Mi Hot Dog

When I go out to get some Banh Mi, I would order Banh Mi + something (thit nuong, nem nuong and such). If I order just Banh Mi, all I get is just the plain bread. I think it is due to the way

Oreo Cheesecake Cookie

I’m not an american either and I think you’re being a bit unfair. I do think the whole feeling towards Oreos is quite overblown, which I would probably attribute to successful marketing from their part and to some sort of cultural quirk which made

Sunday night sundaes should be a thing

But then you realize one Sunday that you don’t have any ice cream and you have to use ketchup, and you don’t want bananas or cherries so you put in onions, then to top it all off you have to use peanuts from the

Where Soft Pretzels meet Apple Pie

This ^This ^^This ^^^This ^^^^This ^^^^^This ^^^^^^This ^^^^^This ^^^^This ^^^This ^^This ^This This ^This ^^This ^^^This ^^^^This ^^^^^This ^^^^^^This ^^^^^^^This ^^^^^^^^This ^^^^^^^^^This ^^^^^^^^^^This ^^^^^^^^^^^This ^^^^^^^^^^^^This

Eggs Benedict for breakfast

I wouldn’t have said anything if you said hey, here’s mine. I don’t generally troll around reddit looking to shit on peoples days. In fact, I’m sure yours tasted great. I’ve had many a benedict where I’ve broken the hollandaise and was too lazy,

Pastrami. Katz’s. The Absolute Best.

I went there during a visit to NYC. We went to both Carnegie Deli and Katz’s, both famous spots. Both were incredibly overpriced for a sandwich and cash only. Cash only is especially crazy considering a family of 4 eating there would cost like

Home made naan

Sure. I wasn’t suggesting that the flavors are at all the same. My point was only that if you’re trying to compare any kind of Indian bread to tortillas it would be rotis–not, as you point out, because of similar taste–because the two are

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

[Recipe:]( Loaded Baked Potato Soup: * 8 slices bacon * 1 onion, diced * 1/2 cup all purpose flour * 3 1/2 cups chicken broth * 5 potatoes, baked in the oven, cooled, peeled and diced * 1 tablespoon fresh parsley, finely chopped *

Pull-Apart Stuffing Flavored Garlic Knots

Here’s a [step-by-step imgur album](, and here’s the recipe below! More [details here]( These are based on some [pepperoni garlic knots]( I made a few weeks ago. Ingredients * 4 tablespoons butter, divided * 8 ounces sage sausage or breakfast sausage, removed from casings

I like my ribeye steaks just a little past rare

I’m also not a chef, but worked kitchens for 10+ years before leaving the business for a higher paying soul sucking office job. Start with watching videos on YouTube. People these days have SO many resources it’s not even funny. Cook. Cook a lot.

Monte Cristo Wafflewich

Its shit like this, r/foodporn, that keeps me exercising and working out. Otherwise, awesome ideas like this would mean a 600lb me, trapped in my home. Too large to leave the kitchen.

Lemon cheesecake crumble bars

I use digestive biscuits whenever I get an American recipe that calls for graham crackers so I think they’re the same thing. They’re just kind of plain biscuits that you crush up for cheesecake bases (etc). You can substitute golden caster sugar for regular

Loaded baked potato

If you zoom in to the bottom right, where the foil is ripped in a “V” you can see just a peep of the potato, lol. And this potato is actually on the smallish side, based on what they normally give you.